The Place Where God and People Matter

Anthony First Baptist Church

Where We Are

We are a Southern Baptist local community church that has been in the community of Anthony for a long, long, time. A biographical history can be read under Our History. I know that that history might be important to some people and it should be, but let me say that we are a church that is constantly looking forward, always seeking God's direction in order to make a real diiference in the lives of those that God has created.  We will not rest in the past but strive for the future that God has planned for us. We appreciate our past but celebrate our future. We believe that  Where We Are is not as important as Where We are Going.  We believe that we are going forward with the message of God's love for all people. That message is that He desires to have a personal, life-changing, and eternal relationship with those that will trust Him and believe His holy Word.


That means that we are committed to loving the people that God brings our way. We are committed to seeing that every person is provided an opportunity to develop to their full potential in every facet of their spiritual journey. We believe that Membership (Belonging), Maturity (Growing) , Ministry (Serving), Missions (Giving and Going) and Magnification (Worship) are essential elements of the believer's life. We strive to help every member develop into the person God wants them to be. Every person is created unique and gifted by God in order to serve God as well as others.  The church and the mission of the local church grows as you grow into full maturity in the Christian faith. We desire to be "The Place Where God and People Matter".


That in a nutshell is where we are....where are you? Come on out this Sunday  and let us prove that you matter to God and to each of us here at Anthony First Baptist Church.


We will strive to make your visit an enjoyable one and we promise to do our best to not point you out publically or embarass you in any way when you visit our church.


Need directions? See our Welcome page or contact us at 352-732-5600. If you like to use email it is [email protected]. If you have any questions about our church after surfing our website drop us a line and we'll get right back to you. You can also use the CONTACT US link.


All first time visitors will recieve a special gift from our church family. It is our way of telling you how much we appreciate your visit. If by some chance you are missed let us know that you were here! We will do our utmost to make it right!